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New Blog Design!

Oh my goodness I am so excited to share my new blog design with you! I did it all by myself with LOTS of thanks to Google search and these lovely blog tutorials:

I also have a little knowledge of HTML coding that I learned in my Graduate program, so I sorta knew where to begin. 

I started with my fave designer - PowerPoint! 
I just started with a rounded rectangle and added my text with different fonts and colors until I found what I liked. I saved each piece individually as a picture to upload into Photoshop CC. 
In Photoshop I placed objects until I was happy with my header. 
NOTE: I have already purchased the licenses for 10 of KG Fonts so I could use multiple ones in my blog design. 

I used the image mapping tool available at to link my pages. Then uploaded the pic to my HTML coding in Blogger. 

I haven't mastered clip art design yet so until I do, I will continue to use the FAN-TAB-U-LOUS Krista Wallden from Creative Clips. LOVE!

I made my buttons: 

My Sidebar Titles, About Me Pic, Signature, etc. all done the same way! I'm still working on my skills with Photoshop so I'm by no means a pro yet! 

I've also created cover photos for Twitter and Facebook: 

Also redid my TpT store. 

And I'm currently working on business cards for our blogger meetup in June. 
This whole experience has been so much fun! I'm thinking of taking up design as a hobby :)

I've also taken the leap and purchased my own domain. Google makes that so easy and cheap to do!
Thanks for checking out my new design!