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Sub Binder with Bonus FREEBIE!!!

This is the sub binder that I use in my classroom for substitutes.

It outlines my procedures in class and lesson plans for use. I keep it right on the counter by the door so anyone who walks in will see it.

What's Included?
My daily procedures, classroom management
Dividers for schedule, map of school, emergency lesson plans, time fillers
Forms for While You Were Out

I keep my sub packet in a binder. In the binder I keep the dividers in clear page protectors with the information behind the dividers.

Behind the Time Fillers tab is where I keep extra copies of skills we've been working on and fun stuff like word searches or ABC order games. 

I print out the sub lesson plan and make enough copies for my class. I put the lesson plans behind the correct divider. I also use pocket dividers to put the copies in. I make sure that the sub plans I include are complete mini units for the day. I keep a separate “sub tub” (a small Rubbermaid box) with an extra copy of the trade books that my sub lessons are based on and any literacy centers of other games/items that might be needed.
In the front of the binder I use a binder zipper pouch to keep absentee slips, office slips, pens, stickers, etc. anything that might be of use to the sub during the day. 

**BONUS** - I've attached a free sequencing lesson for you to include in your sub binder.