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Talking Tech Tutorial: GIF for Your TpT Store!

Hi friends! Have you seen the latest trend on TpT? Rotating Quote pictures? They are popping up everywhere! Thought I would share with you how I made mine!

GIF for TpT Store Front

I'm starting a new series on my blog for the school year: Talking Tech with Pride and Primary! 
Talking Tech with Pride and Primary banner
I'm hoping to post every other Saturday with a new Tech tutorial or a new tech software or platform to share with you and your classroom or personal life!

So let's get started! First you have to make your designs. I use PowerPoint, but you can design in whatever program you are most comfortable with, as long as the finished dimensions are correct (about 600 pixels in width, height between 100-260 pixels). 

Open PowerPoint.
How to make a GIF in Powerpoint

Insert a rectangle that is 7” x 3.5”.

You will need to fill the rectangle with the same color as the quote section on TpT. To do that, go to the Format tab, then to Shape Fill, and click on More Colors.

On the custom tab, make the fill color R 241 G 241 B 241. Click OK. 
Clear the outline on the rectangle by clicking on the Format Tab, the Shape Outline, then click on No Outline.

Make your design inside the rectangle.  

Group (select all items and the rectangle) and save your design as a picture.

Right click on grouped design and click Save as Picture. Name your file and save it to a location you can easily find. The desktop is usually a good spot.  

Now we have to resize and skew to the correct dimensions. 

Open in Paint. You can also use Photoshop or another similar program.

Do you have extra space? We can get rid of that! But first, let's resize it. 

Click Resize on the Home tab. 

Click the Pixels circle. Change the Horizontal size to 600. The vertical size will change automatically to something around 240-270ish. Click OK.

Now get rid of the white space. 

Then save the picture! I press ctrl+S. It’s the easiest way to save it under the same file name and same location, just a different size.

Repeat for the rest of your pictures. I made 4 pictures. You can make as many as you would like.

It’s ready to upload to GIF maker. Go to Click on Upload Images. 

Find your pictures you made and saved. Upload.

Then Download the GIF, again to a place that is easily found. 

Then you will need to upload the GIF to a file/picture hosting service. Photobucket, PicMonkey, etc. You will need the URL.
I use my blog: Open a new blog post, upload the GIF. 
Then, click on the GIF and click Original Size. 

Then right click and “Copy Image URL”

Once you have the long URL, shorten it using a URL shortener. I prefer Google but, also work well. 

Copy that shortened URL you see highlighted. 

You don’t have to worry about that blog post your uploaded the gif to- just click close, not publish and don't delete it.

Then you need html code:

<a href=“url of the product/page you want linked”><img src=“shortened url of GIF”></a>

So mine would look like:

<a href=""><img src=""></a>

I want my GIF to link to my blog, so I put the URL link to my blog. If you want the GIF linked to a product or somewhere else, just put that URL link instead. You may need to shorten it also, since the quote section only allows 120 characters.

And that’s it!

Just go to your account section on TpT. 
Click My Account. 
Click on Store Profile. 
Click on EDIT. 
And in the Personal Quote section, put that code you just made. 

Save and BAM. 

You’re awesome.

If you update your store, send me an email at so I can come and heap praises on your storefront!!

If you post on social media, use the #proudclassroom so I can check it out! Thanks!

Five For Friday {July 24, 2015}

Hi y'all! I am having extremely mixed feelings about this Friday for multiple reasons! Okay mostly because that means I only have one more Friday before school. Eeeek!!! But I'm also happy to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching again for the fabulous Five for Friday! 

First and foremost, I would like to once again send up some prayers for those suffering in Lafayette, Louisiana today because of an awful shooting that occurred at a movie theater there last night. I am sickened that things like this are continuing to happen in our nation in the 21st century. I have nothing but prayers and support for everyone here in Louisiana. 
Pray for Lafayette
I'm not sure who created this graphic, I've looked! So I can't credit it. If you know, please let me know! Thanks!

Second, I have been freaking out over the Louisiana Reading Association Conference 2015 that was just emailed this week. Eric Litwin is going to be there. Donalyn Miller is going to be there. And Mr. Greg from Kindergarten Smorgasboard is going to be there. This will be the best conference ever. 
Louisiana Reading Association 2015
Oh, yeah, and there's me at the bottom there. :) I'll be presenting an interactive session on making and using interactive notebooks in your classroom. But after Mr. Greg and Mrs. Miller, I'm not sure how well I'll do!! 

I have been working hard and keeping busy on getting my classroom ready! I feel extremely overwhelmed. In fact, I'm pretty sure it was messier when I left at 5 yesterday than it was when I arrived at 10. But I have been giving some furniture a face lift! With ConTact Paper and GLITTER PINK duct tape. 
covering a shelf with contact paper
So here I am carefully applying the contact paper. I got this Creative Covering ConTact Paper at my local school supply store but I've also seen it at Wal-Mart. 

And this is the finished product. I'm very happy with it :) 
shelf covered in contact paper

Accents with Glitter duct tape and glitter accent tape.  
Pink Glitter Duct Tape from Office Depot
Office Depot. Run there immediately. (It was by the checkout, so there's probably not a lot left!) 
I also "Ducted" out (see what I did there?!?) my short filing cabinet. 
remake of filing cabinet with duct tape
I just lined the top with strips of tape. You can't really see the glitter in the photo but it's awesome in person! 

FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL PLANNING! We (my first grade team) sat down and planned out what to do the first week of school. Here is a picture of our ELA and Grammar/Writing plans for the first of the year. I just pencil them in. The district does require us to put them online, but the format is too crazy for me once printed so I like these. 
Editable Lesson Planner
This planner is available in my TpT store and it's completely editable!!! 

And finally I'm excited to give you a sneak peek at an upcoming sale my blogger friends and I (aka The Primary Punchbowl) are setting up for Sunday through Tuesday! 
The Primary Punchbowl Christmas in July Sale

I know that a lot of teachers are starting to head back to school super soon so hopefully this fabulous sale will help you get started for the year! 

Oh, and if you join in on the fun on Instagram you'll get an awesome set of FREEBIES!! One from each of us - 11 in ALL!! Make sure to check it out starting on Sunday at 5E/4C!! 

That's all I have for the week. Lots more to do to get ready for August 6! Happy weekend friends!!

Five For Friday {July 17, 2015}

Time will not slow down at all it seems!! The summer weeks are FLYING by for me. Anybody else feel this way???? But it has been a fabulous week that has gone so quickly and that means its time for Five for Friday y'all!!

Linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for this fabulous Friday Linky!! Here's what's been happening in my week: 

OH MY GOODNESS first and foremost I have to tell you that I finally got to "Hangout" (see what I did there???) with my original #teachertribe and TpT buddies - The Primary Punchbowl!!!
Picture credit to Elsa at The Whole Wheat Class and that is the fabulous Sarah from Mrs. B's First Grade! Sarah and Laura from Luv My Kinders gave us (the ones who were home last week) some GREAT tips from Las Vegas and the TpT Conference. We were all on Google Hangout and got to see and hear each other! So much fun! We also all made plans to be there next year no matter what!! 
If you haven't done a Google Hangout with your friends yet, I highly suggest it! 

My presentations: Dude, I had two presentations at the APEL Conference (Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana) this week and they were awesome! The theme is Super Heroes, which is totally up my alley, (ahem #gonegeekgirl <---I'm gonna make this a thing). 

Both of my sessions were full. Like packed! 

APEL Conference 2015
 I got great feedback on both of the sessions and I talked all about some fabulous TpT'ers and told the whole audience to go and follow as many Teacher Authors as possible to get inspiration and motivation!! I also had a giveaway, and of course I printed them out on Astrobrights paper! Really added a pop to my presentation! 
Astrobrights paper

Getting Started on TpT
It's my Teachers Pay Teachers Super Product Planner, on sale for $2 til Saturday only!

I am now addicted to presenting and I will just have to win the lottery and become a millionaire so I can present all the time. I think that plan is solid. 

The conference itself: I sat in on some great sessions, and feel excited to implement my new knowledge this coming school year! One session was on ways to motivate not only your students, but your fellow teachers and even your administrators. Simple little notes and sayings to make them smile. The presenters had the whole room laughing and up and moving. 
Brittany Taraba from Learners Meet World gave two great presentations! 
One on RTI with Behavior and Academics. She gave out a great list of iPad apps that would work wonderfully well in support of your RTI. For example, Sushi Monster. This was so much fun! There's a monster and you have to fling plates of sushi to add up to the number around his neck. I'm pretty sure I was having more fun than the average 6 or 7 year old would have. 
APEL Conference 2015

I also sat in on her Eureka Math presentation. While my school doesn't use Eureka/Engage NY religiously we do pull some activities here and there. Like the sprints. Look! I almost finished!! 
Eureka Math Sprint

And this was multiplication and division which is well over my first grade head! :)
Also, practically my entire school came to the conference! 
Mayfair Lab School
We have the best team!! And I got to meet the new teachers in 4th and 5th grade! 

 Mayfair Lab School
Here is Regina! My Mayfair Teacher Bestie!! 

On the computer: I made this SUPER back to school unit. I just kept having idea after idea so the packet kept growing and growing! I tried to pull in some fun activities that we did at the beginning of last year but SUPED them up for this year!
Super Hero Back to School Unit
 I've been printing and creating the activities and I can't wait to show the product in action! There is stuff here that we can do the very first day of school! So exciting! See that super hero cape? I'm going to copy them onto Astrobrights paper and give them to my firsties. They are going to write their Super Wishes for the year on the cape in marker and we are going to hang them in the hallway with the title "We're SUPER Excited about Learning!" 

In the Kitchen: Today is Day 20 of the Whole 30 and I'm doing GREAT! I haven't been doing too well with picture taking. I'm so excited about eating that I forget to take a pic until half of my plat is gone. But I did make a fantastic Chicken Cacciatore in the Crockpot that was divine!!
The Whole 30 Chicken Cacciatore
Served with some spaghetti squash and YUM!!

Tomorrow night? Pulled Pork Carnitas with sweet potatoes. Mmmm.......

With the Kid this week: On top of her completely missing the hamper in the bathroom which is LITERALLY right next to where she throws her clothes. 
On the floor. 
Right next to it. 
Th empty hamper. 
Besides that Ant-Man came out last night and we totally went! We go to the Thursday 7 pm showing of every Marvel Movie because once again, #gonegeekgirl is totally gonna be a thing. Just wait for it!  
Ant Man Tickets
And we saw it in 3D because of course! 

Well that was my week! How was yours?