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Sneak Peek Sunday {Lesson Plans April 25-29, 2016}

Well, it's that time of year. Spring State Testing. While first grade doesn't test, we do have three testing grades at my school so the whole place will be under lock down each day. So we tend to keep to our little corner of the school during this week, or we just leave school altogether! For example, we have our field trip to the Strawberry Farm!
Here are my plans for the week.

This week will be super fun! We are going on a field trip, starting measurement, reading about insects, talking about emotions, and writing all types of sentences!

Our ELA skills focus on: 
classifying and categorizing emotions
changing y to i, adding er, est
author's purpose
types of sentences

In small groups, I've got some fun activities for each level group. 
In centers and small groups we will be doing some simple print and go centers: 

Our math skills: 
measuring with standard and nonstandard units
We begin our Unit 11 Measurement unit
Unit 11 Measurement available in my store

finishing up our plants unit!

The strawberry farm is always so fun! We get to pick our own strawberries and play around the patch. When we get back, we will be doing our Strawberry Mobiles. 

Grab all these FREEBIES (except math) {{HERE}}!

Have a great week!

Sneak Peek Sunday! {Lesson Plans April 18-22, 2016}

Happy Sunday guys! My weekend has flown by! Are you ready for Sneak Peek Sunday? Lots going on this week!

Here is a peek at my week: 

So we are doing some comparing and contrasting, figurative language, and exclamations!
In Science we are still working on plants in preparation for our field trip next Tuesday to the Strawberry farm. 

In small groups we will be looking at inflectional endings and the sounds of -ed. 

Some centers this week include: 

Last week, we read the book Gregory the Terrible Eater and LOVED it! I made an entire unit based on the book back in my student teaching days and it's stuck with me. I've since digitized it and you can download it HERE. Keep in mind though, that it's not all updated and cutesy-I made it before I really got into TpT. 

All of the above activities are FREE for you to download {{HERE}}!

And this little task card set from my Spring Math and Literacy centers bundle. 
And Jelly Bean Word Sort!

Click to see this bundle on TpT
We will also be doing some Interactive Notebook (INB) activities from Lesson 26. 
Lesson 26 Notebook

The kids have been using Google Chrome and Classroom for a while now, and they've been getting pretty good at it! They are using Google Classroom to complete most activities on the computer.

Here is the {Hyperdoc} that I've created for the lesson. Please check it out, but know that you won't be able to view your responses on the True/False Form.
Don't know what a Hyperdoc is? It's like a fancy digital worksheet that the students click through to complete different activities. 

I know I haven't blogged a lot on this topic, but it's coming! I'm trying to get through the school year. 25 days left!

Sneak Peek Sunday {April 4-8, 2016}

Hi friends! Just a quick jot tonight to share my lesson plans for the week.
As I prepare to watch the season finale of The Walking Dead with my yummy dinner of Trix cereal, I thought, "I can post about my fabulous upcoming week and put off thinking about the horrible things that are going to happen on TWD." Like, I don't even want to watch because I just know I'm going to freak out! 

Anyway, this week is the week back after Spring Break. And boy did these days fly by! But I am excited to see my kiddos and get back into the swing of things. 

Here you go. 

This week we begin our study of the Human Body. We don't use any one curriculum to teach Science, so we just pull together a couple of different things. We really LOVE all the School House Rock videos about the human body! Here is a YouTube Playlist I made: 

We are also on Lesson 25 of Journeys which consists of the following skills:
- understanding characters
- summarizing
- pronoun contractions
- synonyms
- ou, ow words
- ai, ay, oy, oi words

We will be using many of the activities in my Lesson 25 Interactive Notebook, available on TpT.

And here are my Guided Reading Lesson Plans: 
The sorts and builds are these: 

 I give my high group (reading at DRA levels 26 and above-in FIRST GRADE!!) harder, two syllable words with the spelling pattern so they are challenged. They do really well!

The synonym game - I pass these cards to the kids and they have to make connections. We talk about the words and how they are similar to each other. Then we do the sentences with context clues.  
Grab a copy of this week's guided reading plans with all the above goodies HERE.

I'll be reading the book Frederick, by Leo Lionni to discuss characters. We will talk about how Frederick chooses to spend his time before Winter and how he differs from the other mice. 

We are also working on Text Evidence. I found this AMAZING set from Miss DeCarbo on TpT. 

Go buy it now because it's awesome!

As far as contractions, I've created this simple scoot: 

Grab it for free HERE

In Math, we are starting our Geometry Unit! It's so fun learning about shapes and I have made brand new centers that I can't wait for my firsties to try out!

The unit consists of 10 lessons. Take a look HERE

Here is a peek at the centers:  

You could also grab the BUNDLE

Well that's it! I hope you can use some of the freebies. Have a great first week of April!