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Word Work Centers Freebie!!!

I just love freebies!!!!!!!! They really do help my classroom go 'round. That's why I try to make a lot of the products in my store free for many teachers to use. And here's my newest freebie: 

I love centers!! And even more, I love coming up with ideas for centers!!!!!
I have drawers for all my Word Work supplies. I print out these posters and laminate them. Then I print out the recording pages I use and make class copies. I put the pages along with the original in a large brown envelope with the Word Work Poster. Students can then take the envelope and supplies with them to an appropriate work space. 

The posters are as follows: 
Magnetic Letters - 2 recording pages
Wikki Stix
White Board - 
Playdough - 4 recording pages, also included is editable PowerPoint file to create workmats
Rainbow Write - 4 recording pages
Word Wall - 1 recording page
ABC Order - 2 recording pages
Markerpalooza - 2 recording pages

Parents - this is a great way to reinforce what we are doing in school, at home! 

I hope you can use and enjoy this little freebie for a limited time!!

These are all pretty simple centers featuring a variety of recording pages from which to choose. Most of my centers are self contained with minimal prep time. We may however create a themed Word Work center focusing on words in our content area or we may put a phonics game in the games drawer every once in a while. The children like to see things changed up, so I try to keep it updated. 

If you want your own FREE copy, click on the picture below and make sure to leave feedback!! Thanks so much, and Happy Teaching!!