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Colorize Your Classroom!! And Some Alphabet Cards (UPDATE: Hard Good and Digital Good)

I wanted to tell you about a contest going on right now for teachers everywhere! Astrobrights is sponsoring a classroom contest where they will choose one winner per state who will receive Astrobrights paper to help #colorizeyourclassroom.
I've used this terrific paper to make my new classroom alphabet cards. It is wonderful paper that works beautifully with my Cricut. 

This alphabet came out so cute!! Took up my entire living room making it, but totally worth it!!

Here is the finished product on the wall in my classroom. 
I am currently working on making some more Alphabet cards for teachers who have asked. I'll be selling them for $20.00 per set. Check them out in my TpT store here.

Whoa! I know some of you are thinking, "$20 bucks? That's a lot. I'll just buy some at School Aids." Yes, you could definitely do that. And I wouldn't be offended. I have come to this price based on 3 reasons: 

1) It takes me 4 hours from start to finish to make one set of these cards. Because I'm meticulous. That's labor and minimum wage is $7.25 so technically that's $29.00. 
2) I have to first spend money on Astrobrights and scrapbook paper (upwards from $3.97 to $19.99) and Cricut mats ($9.99) which each mat will last for about two sets of these cards. The paper I can use multiple times so that's a  one time investment that I just have to replenish from time to time. We will average that at about $11 bucks per set. Not to mention the glue and sticker tape (I use about 10 feet of sticker tape per Alphabet set, and that's $19.99 per roll of 18 feet). So tallying, that's about $67.
3) This is a handmade product which is unique every time I make one. I may use a Flamingo for F or a Flower. I may use a Violin or a Volcano for V, so everything is unique. And you can't really put a price on that. 

I don't think many people will purchase a set of Alphabet cards for $67 plus shipping. So technically I'm talking a big loss, but that doesn't bother me. I LOVE using my Cricut and making things for others. This set of Alphabet cards was so much fun and as I said, unique for every classroom. I can even make Cards to match color schemes and themes for other teachers. Just ask. 

I'll also be adding some number cards using ten frames and colored dots. 
And I'll be uploading them to make them digital. More on that later. 
UPDATE: Here are the digitized cards!! 

I'm using the paper in other parts of my classroom like the daily numbers, CAFE Bookmark Goal Tracker, and for other decorations, but I'll have more on that later, too!! 

Click on the link here or on the Colorize Your Classroom picture above for more information. Make sure you follow Astrobrights on Twitter and like their Facebook page for some more awesome ideas from teachers everywhere.