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The Daily CAFE

So at my school we are all getting on board with the Daily Cafe by the Two Sister, Gail Boushey and Joan Moser. If you don't know about this, check it out because it's great! It's a way of running your reading workshop/guided reading groups/daily reading block. Here's a breakdown: The focus is working on specific strategies to cater to your students' reading needs. You confer with individual students to determine what they need to work on and that's what you teach in small groups. The best part is the data collection binder. They call it their Pensieve (Yes LIKE Harry Potter!!). The Pensieve has a calendar, tracking forms, conferring forms, and dividers for each student. You can even make it your own by using whatever methods work best for you!

So that's a very rough explanation - it is a little more involved than that but you'll have to read the book. I"m excited to implement this in my classroom!

I've created a themed binder for my pensieve. Wizard of Oz, Owls, and Chevron of course. Here are some pictures: